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the global equity market = outdated

let's start again.

  • no middlemen
  • no fees
  • no boundaries
change is here

if we had our time again...
would we create the equity market in the same way?

change is here

would we create a system which allows investment in just 1% of the world’s businesses?

would we give middlemen such as banks and brokers the power to control access?

we've created the alternative.
a fair, supranational exchange. it's fast, scalable, decentralised, transparent and secure. in short, it's the equity market as it should be.

we're building our own blockchain, we're creating the custom infrastructure the future global equity market needs.

Our blockchain is specifically built for digital share transactions.

Our blockchain is purpose-built to handle publicly available data, as well as confidential data - a unique challenge for the equity market.

Our blockchain is built to scale - for big businesses, with millions of shareholders, and global investors. Providing stability.

We're building a global digital share certificate that we intend to become the new global standard.

one platform, two experiences. an equity market for the world of today.

platform version 1.0 now live:

VERSION 1.0 Chainium Platform
PREVIEW 1.0 Chainium Wallet

the equity market for today's world.

the first dual blockchain equity network.

learn about our wallet.

our partnership with O Mobile.

growing the community.

let’s start again.

meet the team behind chainium.

raising capital for business.


2017 - H1

Business Case

Ideas and concepts are turned into reality: whitepaper, technical paper, mock-ups and process designs are created and finalised. Initial launch in the UK and Continental Europe.

Business Launch

Chainium is founded by Sascha, Florian and Ermin, having worked in the equity and technology industry for more than 15 years.


2017 - H2

Partners & Advisors

Key partnerships and prominent advisory board members are added to the business.


The first alpha release of our platform goes live, adding the investor view and app for both Android and iOS devices.

CHX Token Sale

The pre-sale and public sale for CHX are launched.


2018 - H1

Platform Release 1.0

The first production ready iteration of our platform goes live to all business owners and investors, targeting small to medium businesses. Platform features such as API tools, apps and useful resources will be launched into a production ready state.


2018 - H2

Platform Release 2.0

The full feature set for listed and unlisted companies (small / medium / large) will be available for all investors and all businesses.
Supported by a global large-scale sales and marketing campaign.


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our team

Sascha Ragtschaa

CEO & Co-Founder

Florian Batliner-Staber

COO & Co-Founder

Ermin Dzinic

CTO & Co-Founder

Helen Tanner


Carly Heath

Social Media Manager

Kenan Trokic

Development Manager

Nezir Begic

UX Designer

Eldar Kapetanović

Web & App Developer

Lejla Trokic

Blockchain Developer

Sead Pavica

Blockchain Developer

Anil Mujagić

Senior Software Architect

Iain Robertson

Head of Business Development

Tomal Ganguly

Director of Blockchain Consulting

Chainium was founded by a core team that have worked together in the share registry and financial services industry for more than fifteen years. 

our advisors

Yana Afanasieva

CEO and Founder of Competitive Compliance

Mark Westcott

Co-Founder Shadow Fall Capital & Research

Jan vom Brocke

Professor of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein

Klaus Tschuetscher

Former Prime Minister of Liechtenstein

Mark Pui

Executive Director PWC Asia

Michael Ng

Partner at MW Partners

Chris Prior-Willeard

Founder of Hembury Associates

our partners